The Election of 2016.  (published March 2017)

Many of us are still in shock. We’re bewildered, confused, feeling vulnerable, powerless and angry. What to do, when every value we hold dear -- from press freedom to rule of law to compassion -- seems threatened?

We’d been watching America search for its moral footing over the decades, slowly, perhaps, but getting closer. Now all progress seems lost; everything seems to be at stake as cunning, apparently amoral—if not immoral—craven bullies have stepped into positions of power.

Our lives have changed. Our behaviors have changed. We may sleep more, or less. We may cry more, or less. We speak with more intensity . . . or we may speak less. We exercise, argue, drink, eat, read, make love, make art, listen to music, sit in silence more . . . or less.

But we’re finding our way.

We do what we can, hoping our collective will, our discussions, rallies, and meetings can lead to action. We support established groups like the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center and other organizations with a track record of working against injustice and unfairness. We start groups ourselves. We organize meetings.

Whatever we do, we know one thing: the best solutions will be those that we conceive and pursue together. Knowing that there’s healing in relationships, we must overcome our isolation.

Acting together doesn’t eliminate the feelings of shock and horror and outrage.  Nor should it. If we don’t feel the horror, the threat, and the anger, we won’t get anything done. These powerful feelings can energize, not enervate us; quicken, not quiet us.

Share what you believe in. Show the children what you believe in -- while it’s still legal.

R. Jim Stahl


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